Many disciplines,
one program.

We combine the search for truth and practical skills. Join us for an intellectual adventure!

Liberal Arts and Sciences - many disiciplines, one program.

Liberal Arts and Sciences at AMU is a BA program for those whose interests do not fit within one discipline. Instead of specialisation, it offers knowledge from many fields of research and helps students to develop general skills.

Despite the English name, our program dates back to the Middle Ages. It is based on the ideal of artes liberales. According to it, each specialization should be based on broad general knowledge and a set of universal skills. The traditional list of seven disciplines (e.g. mathematics and astronomy) has been supplemented with modern areas of knowledge: physics, biology, chemistry, history and psychology. In three years, the student of our program gets acquainted with the cross-sectional image of modern science, which includes both the humanities and experimental sciences. This is accompanied by the development of competencies such as speaking, logical thinking and teamwork. LAS  allows you to develop the sense of searching for truth and a comprehensive view of the world. At the same time, we are convinced that it is the Liberal Arts and Sciences formula that will allow our students to face the challenges of the contemporary, dynamically changing labour market.

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