Kazimierz Ilski

class: Tradition of the Liberal Arts

prof. dr hab. Kazimierz Ilski - former Dean of the Faculty of History at the Adam Mickiewicz University, a long-term member of the Council of the Artes Liberales Academy. His research interests are the history of Christianity in antiquity, the genesis and evolution of the Eastern Church, the political ideas of antiquity, the system of the late Roman Empire, the history of the dominion and early Byzantium, with particular emphasis on the Theodosian dynasty and religious politics up to the 6th century.

Rafał Witkowski

classes: History of Europe and its Borders, Migrations in the History of the European Continent

prof. UAM dr hab. Rafał Witkowski - Vice-Rector for International Cooperation at AMU. His research interests include: the history of monasticism, source studies and auxiliary disciplines of history, the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the history of the Jewish population in Greater Poland

Małgorzata Mazurek

class: Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences

prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Mazurek - geographer and geomorphologist. Her scientific activities include hydrogemorphology, geodiversity, regional geography, monitoring of the natural environment, as well as polar research in Spitsbergen. Her passion is travelling. She has visited over 70 countries, she was a member of the expedition around the world in the footsteps of James Cook, and in two trips around the world, she gained two days, three times she visited the Brazilian Amazon and Spitsbergen.

Marta Fik-Jaskółka

class: Human Aspects of Biochemical Research

dr Marta Fik-Jaskółka - chemist. In her scientific work, she deals with the synthesis of new functional nanostructures and the study of their interactions with biologically relevant molecules.

Dorota Łuczak

class: Fine Arts in the History of European Civilization

dr Dorota Łuczak - lecturer at the Institute of Art History, in the Modern Art History Studio (Faculty of Art Sciences). In her research, she focuses on Polish and general history and theory of photography. She gives lectures on the history of modern art and contemporary art.

Michał Mencfel

class: Fine Arts in the History of European Civilization

prof. UAM, dr hab. Michał Mencfel - Dean of the Faculty of Art Sciences at Adam Mickiewicz University. His interests include: history of European collecting and artistic patronage from early modern times to the beginning of the 20th century; history and theory of modern art; the culture of the European aristocracy in the 19th century.

Maciej Michalski

class: Dealing with Numerical Information

prof. UAM r hab. Maciej Michalski - Vice-Dean of the Faculty of History. Studies medieval history, hagiography and the cult of saints, history of women, history and anthropology of culture, history of private life, medievalism and the formation of ethnic and national identity in the nineteenth century.

Krzysztof Skibski

class: Written Expression

prof. AMU dr hab. Krzysztof Skibski - Vice-Dean for Student Affairs and Education at the Faculty of Polish and Classical Philology. He researches the border of linguistics and literary studies (especially concerning the language of literary texts), he also deals with semantics, lexicology and phraseology. He has a weakness for vocal music, theatre and golf - all this he tries to reconcile with his duties and privacy, keeping in mind the proportions.

Jacek Radwan

class: Fundamentals of the Theory of Evolution

prof. dr hab. Jacek Radwan - head of the Evolutionary Biology Group. His research focuses on sexual selection (especially its evolutionary-genetic background), mutations and genes interacting with parasites and the evolution of MHC genes and their role in biological conservation.

Roman Murawski

classes: Logics, Philosophy and History of the Mathematics

prof. Roman Murawski - the scope of his research includes: mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics, history and philosophy of logic and mathematics.

Rafał Rosół

class: Ancient Language (Greek)

prof. AMU dr hab. Rafał Rosół - classical philologist researching the field of Greek and Latin linguistics. He is particularly interested in the relations between Greek and oriental languages.

Mateusz Stróżyński

classes: Theory of Knowledge, Psychological Contexts of Human Behaviors, Interpersonal Communication

prof. AMU dr hab. Mateusz Stróżyński - a classical philologist, philosopher, psychologist. He studies the practical dimension of philosophy, especially ancient Platonism (spiritual exercises and contemplation) and its subsequent reception. Besides he is a practising psychotherapist from the psychodynamic school.

Piotr Podlipniak

class: Man in the World of Sounds

prof. AMU dr hab. Piotr Podlipniak - musicologist. He rstudies the genesis of human musical abilities and the origins of music and its relationship with the natural language, using the achievements of the psychology of music, anthropology of music, neurobiology, ethology, evolutionary biology and linguistics.

Konrad Dominas

class: Advanced Digital Humanities

prof. AMU dr hab. Konrad Dominas - conducts research related to the reception of myths, ancient literature and culture in new media and pop culture.

Piotr A. Dybczyński

class: Evolution and Dynamics of the Planetary System

prof. AMU dr hab. Piotr A. Dybczyński - astronomer. His research focuses on the numerical study of the dynamics of small bodies of the Solar System.

Tomasz Pędziński

class: History of Light

prof. AMU dr hab. Tomasz Pędziński - an employee of the Department of Chemical Physics and the Center for Advanced Technologies of the Adam Mickiewicz University. His scientific interests focus on the application of laser spectroscopy to the study of biological processes.

Jarosław Jańczak

class: Introduction to Governance

prof. AMU dr hab. Jarosław Jańczak - his scientific interests focus on the subject of borders and borderlands in the context of the processes of European integration, particularly in relation to the phenomena of debordering and rebordering, cross-border governance, European integration in a micro-perspective and cross-border cooperation in Europe.

Jakub Rybka

class: Biotechnology

prof. UAM dr hab. inż. Jakub Dalibor Rybka - a graduate of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. He deals with applied biotechnology, especially in the field of research on the use of nanomaterials. Deputy Director of the Center of Advanced Technologies for Biotechnology. Privately, father of twins and enthusiast of youngtimers (Mercedes W124 Baureihe).

Tomasz Brańka

class: Introduction to Governance

prof. UAM dr hab. Tomasz Brańka - Erasmus + AMU Institutional Coordinator. A graduate of Postgraduate Studies in Project Management at the Warsaw School of Economics. Participant of over 30 domestic and foreign projects. He is PRINCE2 and PM2 certified. His scientific interests include the problems of statehood in the modern world, with particular emphasis on the Nordic autonomous territories in theoretical and practical terms.

Karol Bartkiewicz

classes: Digital Revolution in Science, Elementary Mathematics

prof. AMU dr hab. Karol Bartkiewicz - conducts research in the field of physics and quantum optics, optical methods of quantum information processing and machine learning.

Rafał Dymczyk

classes: Research and Presentation, Research Design Across Disciplines

prof. AMU dr hab. Rafał Dymczyk - an avid traveller, lecturer of tourism classes at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, for many years working as a tour leader on various continents. In addition to conducting classes, he organizes foreign research trips and student internships.

Chris Korten

class: English for Academic Purposes

prof. Christopher Korten - researches the history of religion and European politics in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He writes about the Church in Italy and diplomatic relations between Tsar Nicholas I and Pope Gregory XVI. He is currently preparing a biography of the latter. He also runs an English-language blog on Instagram.

Mirosław Makohonienko

class: Geographical Conditions of the Civilization Development, Humans and the Environment

prof. AMU dr hab. Mirosław Makohonienko - Head of the Department of Geology and Palaeogeography of the Quaternary at WNGiG AMU. He is interested in, among others Quaternary ecology (palaeoecology), reconstruction of environmental changes in the Late Glacial and Holocene period, environmental and cultural changes in the Eurasian steppe zone, historical ecology of the city and historical plant geography.

Marcin Loch

class: Ancient Language (Latin)

dr Marcin Loch - classical philologist, passionate of Latin, organist and watchmaker. His scientific interests include the meaning and application of obscenities in Latin sources, the history and development of the methodology of teaching Latin, and the use of the direct approach in teaching classical languages. For many years, he has been organizing the Summer Schools of Living Latin and Greek (Schola Aestiva Posnaniensis).

Krzysztof Duda

class: Law and Political Systems

dr Krzysztof Duda - assistant professor at the Department of Political Culture of the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. He graduated in political marketing as well as advertising and promotion. His scientific interests focus on the issues of political and electoral systems, in particular, Switzerland and other German-speaking countries, as well as the use of modern technologies.

Rafał Wierzchosławski

classes: Theory of Science, Science in Context, Responsibility and Leadership

dr Rafał Wierzchosławski - his research focuses on the philosophy (ontology) of society, the philosophy of politics (especially the republican tradition), the philosophy of social sciences and social studies in science (especially expert knowledge).

Bartosz Hordercki

class: Theoretical and Philosophical Foundations of Social and Political Sciences

dr Bartosz Hordecki - specializes in research in the field of political and legal rhetoric, political philosophy, language policies, history of socio-political concepts and political and legal cultures (especially Polish and Russian).

Paweł Grad

class: Knowledge in Context

dr Paweł Grad - philosopher. He deals with the history of ideas, the philosophy of language and the philosophy of tradition.

Wojciech Nadobnik

Wojciech Nadobnik - secretary of the Centre for Liberal Arts and Sciences, PhD student at the Faculty of History at AMU. He deals with the history of the Church and the history of ideas.

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